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Peppery Chicken Wings - recipe by Grace Parisi

Whenever we are not on the highway or travelling for the job, we are in the home in Antwerp. One of the better elements of being home is you could cook your personal food, eat your personal breakfast or dinner. When you wish, what you would like.
Recently we got an new assignment from Food & Wine Magazine to cook 10 easy & quick recipes from Grace Parisi and shoot the effect.
These 10 recipes have become straightforward rather than complicated. They don’t break your budget and they are ideal for during the week as well as if you are having friends over.
We loved the chicken in the oven dish with cherry tomatoes, honey and rosemary or the surprising pasta with melon and prosciutto combination. As a desert we liked the gingerbread with pear. Ideal for preparing on a windy, autumn evening.

We looked for great accessories inside our cupboard:
For the chicken wings we used an oven dish we bought in Langkawi, Malaysia and in the glass bowl from China we used a little, wooden spoon we within Japan.

The new pasta with avocado and crab is served on a plate from the Sept de Set collection from the Belgian brand Serax. The fork is from our very own group of beautiful Pott cutlery.

The chicken hamburger we gave a little more cachet by serving it on a hand moulded plate manufactured in a Parisian workshop and within among our favourite shops in Antwerp, ‘t Magazyn.

For other dishes just like the gingerbread cake we used a dish with a far more old fashioned design from the Swedish brand Rorstrand, a sistercompany of the Finnish brand Iittala.The elegant, golden spoon is from the German brand Mono-A.

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