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Probably the most promising chef in European countries might have Viking bloodstream and long curly hair but he is only a sheep in wolf’s clothing. To show, the 28-year outdated Magnus Nilsson of cafe Faviken places on his furry wolf’s layer before he heads out in the freezing frosty of North-Sweden. Temperature ranges of -30C won’t cease this youthful chef or his kitchen area team to venture out foraging. Underneath meters of heavy snow they search for refreshing juniper branches, still natural and aromatic and burried beneath the icy scenery of Jamtland. We’re speaking mid-winter once the sun barely sometimes appears above the horizon and subzero temperature ranges that produce you quickly mind for a warm location, preferably close to a roaring fire. The positioning of Faviken is really a quiet and intensely winter wonderland about 800 kilometers north of Stockholm . 5 hour get from the well-known Swedish ski vacation resort Åre. Faviken isn’t only a restaurant but additionally an exclusive domain of a minimum of 8000 hectares set up in 1885. Not possessed by Nilsson but by way of a wealthy hedge fund milionair from Stockholm. The milionair might very own the positioning and grounds, it’s Magnus Nilsson who gets the eyesight and the push to turn Faviken in another of the most interesting location restaurants on earth.

faviken magasinet magnus nilssonfaviken magasinet magnus nilssonfaviken magasinet magnus nilssonfaviken magasinet magnus nilsson
First a snowfall storm, then a supper from heaven.

Magnus burns the new Junipher branches to make the voluptuous and over-sized scallops from the close by Norwegian island Hitra. They’re cooked within their shell, within their own juice. Extremely genuine served on a mattress of juniper branches, decorated with several glowing bits of charcoal from the berch tree. “Eat the scallops together with your fingers and beverage the cloudy liquid from the shell.” Suggests Nilsson when he gifts the dish during night time dinner. In an previous barn, on the hayloft, you can find 5 wood tables with 12 visitors, looking forward to Nilsson’s 14 creations. A few of the guests originated from afar to end up being right here tonite. They braved maybe half of a snowstorm, icy roads, crossing reindeer and pitch dark winding roads through darkish pine forests merely to be proven that even in the center of winter, you can eat nearly 100% local. Local and fascinating, that’s. The interesting factor is that there surely is nothing foreign in what Nilsson does here. “The ways to preserve we make use of: aging, fermenting, salting, smoking cigarettes, drying, pickle … they are strategies that are found in Sweden for years and years.“ Magnus has been working your kitchen of Faviken since 4 years after doing work for years inside Stockholm and Paris inside kitchens of Michelin-starred dining places such as for example L’Astrance and L’Arpège.
faviken magasinet magnus nilssonfaviken magasinet magnus nilssonfaviken magasinet magnus nilssonfaviken magasinet magnus nilssonfaviken magasinet magnus nilssonfaviken magasinet magnus nilsson

Techniques in the Hobbit hole

Magnus does not have any superstars because Michelin doesn’t give away stars beyond Stockholm but this doesn’t bother him. For Magnus it’s about the merchandise and the foraging. Alhough searching and growing your personal food sounds maybe even more romantic than it truly is. In summer season, the menus in the wintertime already are discussed. In the veggie garden close to the restaurant each year 3000 of vegetables are grown. “Take including the reddish colored beets on the menus tonight. This is a special regional variant which remains really small and grows 100 days. A serious red colorization, bursting with taste and very important, they’re perfect to help keep them in order that we in the wintertime use.” Nilsson acts them blackened, because of the massive grill in the center of his kitchen . Also the meats that Magnus serve isn’t just any meats. We grow a lot more than 200 chickens each year, right here on the farm. “clarifies Magnus. Fascinated with the beef we attempted yesterday, we require the trick of the intense taste. Nilsson’s eyes begin to twinkle. “It is important in our kitchen would be to follow the creation. Ditto for meats. Only 1 1 from the 100 SLC (Swedish Lowland Cattle) are best for our eating place. The farmer phone calls us when he thinks there’s an animal that’s ideal for the restaurant. After that we go and appearance and if we have been agree, we focus on the fattening of cows with just hay and grass. The pet is after that slaughtered by way of a butcher and we ripen the meats for four weeks. The good bits of meat are after that treated with kidney extra fat and then there’s another aging period, according to the dimension of the pet, sometimes around 9 months. The intensive taste are of the proteins in the meats. Pure character. “Laughs Nilsson. Will be that the trick of his cooking area? “Yes, real food. Genuine and pure food. Nothing at all more. ” Most items are hidden heavy in Magnus’s root cellar. A Hobbit hole, nearly totally snowed in, with some sort of lock system so the extremely cold atmosphere from outside cannot reach the stores. Within there are shelves filled with jars imposed delicacies and tuber vegetables with huge sprouts. A good moldy cabbage is waiting around until this is a indicate serve. Nilsson wants to experiment and provides something for alchemy. Not within an El Bulli sort of way, however in a naturalist sort of method, without complicated devices or strategies. He used to desire to be a marine biologist as a kid. Maybe it’s a very important thing his visitors doesn’t get to notice this hole from professor Nilsson. Ultimately it’s what occurs the plate that matters, even yet in the icy Wilderniss of North-Sweden, froozen with time.

faviken magasinet magnus nilssonfavikenfaviken

Ways to get there

Supper at Faviken expenses about 140 euros per individual and ditto for a wines selection. Sticking to two expenses about 225 euros, breakfast for just two included. The cafe is only open up evenings from Wednesday to Saturday.

To be able to happen to be Faviken, you fly in under one hour from Stockholm to Ostersund from 120 euros, taxes integrated.

From Ostersund airport terminal is approximately 1 hour to Faviken, about 50 % an hour’s travel from the ski holiday resort Åre. We suggest to lease an automobile so you can uncover the stunning area of Jamtland. Sunny Vehicles has a solid selection of rental cars through the winter months with all the current extras contained in the lease. From 299 euros, all inclusive rent.


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