Motorbiking Through Cambodia.

Motorbiking Through Cambodia

The simplest way to explore a nation is to have your personal transport. Whether it’s an automobile, a motorbike or perhaps a bicycle.

The purchase price for an automobile (particularly if it’s a 4×4 vehicle, with which you are able to go off street) can frequently be very costly rather than affordable for an individual traveller. To put into practice bicycle is a good way to visit a country nevertheless, you need period to bypass. So we were holding the ideas when I made a decision to commute around Cambodia by motorbike…

OBTAINING A Motorbike.

Because you can already know, I’m female and 56 years. The people at “Fortunate Motors” on Monivong Boulevard in Pnomh Penh appeared a bit amazed when my sister Andrea (54) and I emerged in to have a look at their bikes 😉 Your choice, which bike to obtain, was simple: We rented 2 Honda 125 ccm. They’re an easy task to deal with & the locals utilize the same kind of bikes, so in the event of a breakdown they’re likely to be an easy task to repair or even to get spare components in virtually any village.

The Maier Sisters in Phnom Penh.

The purchase price was around 10 US $ each day. You need to pay beforehand and depart your passport with the local rental agency. So provide some copies if someone wants it (banks, resort, etc.). Nobody examined anything from us, nobody halted us and nobody needed any bribes…therefore that part was quite relaxing for all of us.


My concerns where with something else…The drive out from the town of Phnom Penh produced me quite nervous the night time before we lay out. Well, most of my “fears” evaporated immediately once the very first meters with the bicycle were contrary to the one-way system while watching rental store (suggested by the local rental company). In any case, off we went, nevertheless a bit careful until we got on the bridge from the city. There’s therefore much traffic, nevertheless, you adjust quickly.

Day in day out, thousands of motorbikes, cars, trucks and walkers cross the bridge out of Phnom Penh.Day in day trip, thousands of motorbikes, vehicles, trucks and walkers cross the bridge out of Phnom Penh. This bridge is the "lifeline" of Phnom Penh, therefore it has to be expanded.This bridge may be the “lifeline” of Phnom Penh, so that it has to be extended. An old woman on her way from the local market in Phnom Penh.A vintage woman on her behalf way from the neighborhood marketplace in Phnom Penh. It seems like there are as many motorbikes in Phnom Penh as people who live there.It looks like there are as much motorbikes in Phnom Penh as individuals who live life there.


One important thing would be to bring (and wear) is really a helmet. Both folks brought one from your home (and most of my close friends signed it once and for all luck that was nice) nevertheless, you can buy inexpensive helmets in Phnom Penh aswell. It’s also advisable to use gloves which means that your fingers don’t obtain sticky. Bring lengthy straps for the luggage, and when you would like to go off-road, a large strong plastic handbag is crucial – this will keep carefully the dust off. Anticipate to be protected in dust by the end of your day!

Now that

Today that’s what I contact “off-street”.


For the most severe case scenarios provide a hammock; we’d to utilize our hammocks a number of periods, when no guest-home was around. Sometimes create our hammocks in peoples gardens, who permitted us to rest there. We actually camped in monasteries, where in fact the monks permitted us to invest the night time; and well, onetime we slept ideal in the bush. Resting outside can be extremely cold, therefore have a blanket prepared. Overall it was a fascinating and positive knowledge.

One of our sleeping locations during our motorbiking trip through Cambodia.

Among our sleeping places during our motorbiking journey through Cambodia.

Further North.

We drove completely across the Mekong river up north and turned to the street to Banlung. They informed us that the road’s likely to be new in a few months (or years); as yet it’s still the older red soil road that is very (quite!) dusty. Through the wet time of year every thing’s likely to be protected in mud, don’t understand what’s better…Expect to create only 100 km distance each day, biking will be tiring when generating on potholed dusty roads.

Seeing something gets pretty hard on these dusty roads up North in Cambodia.

Viewing something gets pretty tough on these dusty roads up North in Cambodia.

And back again south once again on the “Loss of life Highway”.

Following a couple of days in Banlung, producing daytrips north to the Laos border area and exploring the region towards Vietnam, we lay out south to the monitor that’s called “passing away highway”. It’s generally a small street, that winds its method southern to Sen Monorem with hardly any people on the way. From time to time there’s someone whom you can ask for direction, however they always only stage south. So, because of this section bring sufficient water, food products and petrol!

Andrea on her way down the "death highway" in the North of Cambodia.

Andrea on her behalf way down the “demise highway” in the North of Cambodia.

Through the dry period it’s an extremely sandy track with plenty of deep rifts, therefore some physical fitness helps a whole lot. It’s doable though, also without needing these off-street 250 or 400 ccm machines. The locals get with the tiny Hondas as well, which means you should be great. Through the rainy season items look a little different; this street can turn right into a nightmare and only really athletic, encountered bikers should trip this area. You will need to shift through large amount of mud and traversing the entire creeks will require raft building abilities above average.


Overall, we drove about 1400 km in 2 weeks. We didn’t desire to tough it up, therefore we never drove quicker than 65km/h and waited every 10km if among us was a little behind. We furthermore had the bicycle serviced twice (oil modification and washing). We constantly filled up the container when it had been half empty, in the event. Petrol for motorbikes will be accessible in Cambodia. I could really let you know, going along the little roads in Cambodia will be lot of fun; upward the Mekong river you can see villages which are seldom visited by tourists…Therefore, did we benefit from the vacation? Hell yeah! Next cease will either end up being Laos or Sumatra…also by bike needless to say 😉

Motorbiking through Cambodia was fun & one hell of an adventure!

Motorbiking through Cambodia was enjoyable & one hell of an journey!

For those who have any even more questions concerning the route, the gear, places to remain or other things, send us your queries; we’d be pleased to help you together with your plans.

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