The Breathtaking Skyline & Structures Of Hong Kong. Traveling Photography Blog page by Nisa Maier and Ulli M

The Skyline Of Hong Kong

The Breathtaking Skyline & Structures Of Hong Kong.

Three phrases with that i would describe Hong Kong: Wicked, rad & breathtaking! I must say i think it’s among the coolest (or even the coolest) cities on the planet. I really like everything about Hong Kong since it combines everything: Flair, life, fashion, lifestyle, business, multicultural and something hell of a skyline. You can find about 7.650 skyscrapers in Hong Kong. This places the city near the top of planet rankings. It has even more buildings greater than 35m than any city. So why is there so several skyscrapers? Properly, because there’s not enough room for a lot of people. In addition to the steep hills on Hong Kong Island ensure it is impossible to create there. Which means motto is “the bigger, the higher.”

Hong Kong is really a big must for each traveller & explorer. We always have a tendency to save it for final because it’s a great way of getting “back again to reality” when venturing through the bush before.

A ride on the well-known Starferry isn’t only mandatory when going to Hong Kong, nonetheless it will provide you an incredible view of its incredible skyline. Crossing the walkway from central pier is also a good spot for great Hong Kong skyline photos.Crossing the walkway from main pier is also an excellent spot for excellent Hong Kong skyline pictures. Central Hong Kong will leave you speechless.Main Hong Kong will depart you speechless. Hong Kong skyline with the ship "PlanetSolar" in Victoria Harbour.Hong Kong skyline with the ship PlanetSolar in Victoria Harbour. PlanetSolar may be the largest solar driven ship on earth & furthermore the initial one which is coming all over the world (with just solar powered energy). It recently found its way to Hong Kong and we had been lucky to be there. One of the most intriguing landmarks in Hong Kong is up at the Peak.Probably the most intriguing landmarks in Hong Kong is usually up at the Peak constructed by architect Terry Farrell. The Kowloon Tower is the highest building in Hong Kong.The Kowloon Tower may be the highest developing in Hong Kong. 486 meters high with 100 storeys. It got about 8 years to create owing to the very hard ground circumstance. The basement is 26 meters deep and 6 meter heavy to withstand the large storms that occasionally rock Hong Kong. The view from the Peak.The look at from the Peak in Hong Kong.

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