The Trek Around Luang Prabang, Laos Through Three Degrees of Hill Tribes

Three Degrees of Hill Tribes – Luang Prabang

Diversity will be tucked in to the hills encircling Luang Prabang. Our trek required us through three specific layers of hill tribes, culture, and lifetime – Lao, Hmong and Khmu. Our instructions patiently waded through our questions – from existence in the villages to the United states bombing of Laos in the 60s and 70s – and our team (two Australians, one Guatemalan, and two Filipinos) held the discussion lively during the day.

1. Lao Village

The initial village in the low-lying region has been ethnic Lao, their livelihood from the river and agriculture. The Lao can make their lifestyles and livlihood from the river and low-lying agriculture. The elementary college was in program and we dropped away from some textbooks from the publication publishing and literacy plan, Big Brother Mouse. Once we did, children curiously peered out at us from the classroom. We sensed guilty for disrupting the their college day, however the teacher didn’t appear to brain…and neither do the youngsters.

Trekking in Lao villages outside Luang Prabang

2. Hmong Village

Once we rose in elevation, we found a Hmong village. The Hmong, descended from Mongolian nomads, have increased cheekbones and wider faces compared to the Lao. They're known for surviving in the hills and highlands, making use of their houses built on bare world (instead of on stilts, like additional hill tribes and ethnic groupings ) to be able to accommodate their livestock and protect themselves contrary to the highland winds.

Hmong children in a village near Luang Prabang

The initial Hmong children we saw whenever we entered the village viewed us like we had been aliens. Although we had been on an arranged trek, the villages evidently weren’t familiar with foreigners. One small boy began crying when he noticed our team. Our Hmong guide informed him in the neighborhood language he was furthermore Hmong and the huge white creatures were Alright. It still got the boy a couple of minutes of eyeing us to trust it and prevent his crying.

Degrees Hill

Lunch time Discussion

Laos is really a communist nation, but its taste of Communism differs than that of Vietnam where individuals openly complained concerning the government. Our manuals would often talk in hushed tones after even more probing queries, indicating that when people heard him discussing that topic he could become questioned by the authorities. He overwhelmingly praised the federal government and the development tasks they’ve undertaken since 2000.

3. Khmu Village

The final village we visited had been a Khmu village. Khmu villages are usually quite poor & most don't have electricity. The main one we visited, with a fresh school and new homes, was relatively well-off. As opposed to the Hmong, the Khmu create their homes on two ranges, with the primary living region elevated on stilts. We still left the rest of the books from YOUR GOVERNMENT Computer mouse with the chief’s spouse to give to the institution.

Khmu woman in village near Luang Prabang.

Queries About America

On our descent from the hill villages back again to Luang Prabang, among the instructions started inquiring us about The united states. He described how he gets baffled occasionally when he meets United states tourists who are not really white-skinned, wondering how somebody could possibly be American yet not really white. We attempted explaining America’s melting pot origins and its own diversity, drawing on comparable analogies where various ethnicities co-can be found throughout Southeast Asia, to be able to supply a context he might relate with. His curiosity piqued and he started asking us concerning the battle in Iraq and politics. Always a fascinating topic of discussion, it had been especially so having an educated Lao to listen to what information had managed to get into Lao information and what have been conveniently overlooked.

Photograph Essay – Luang Prabang Hill Tribe Trek

Video clip – Our Hill Tribe Trek – Luang Prabang, Laos

Getting a Village Trek Around Luang Prabang

White colored Elephant Tours: On the main road of Luang Prabang, Light Elephant advertises academic and environment tours. The villages each goes through are much less touristed, providing a far more realistic look at into village lifestyle. The daylong trek referred to above is just about $30 per individual.

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Good early morning…. as a practiced traveler and expert photographer, I really like your material….. I really do have one recommendation regarding the movie…. the panning is as well quick… slow it down some. I make digital slide implies that I consider on the street etc… Talking 7 languages myself, I enjoy travel. Keep upward the excellent function.

Our foray into video continues to be at its nascent levels, therefore we appreciate the suggestions! We’re understanding on the highway, many times by learning from your errors.

Seven languages – that’s impressive! I’m around five, however, not all fluently. I’ve learned a lot of them out necessarily (i.e., no-one about spoke English), so that they are at an operating level rather than a deep discussion degree.

Enjoy your travels, wherever they could take you following!

Nice content and pictures. I'm planning a vacation there in several weeks’ period. I have been searching for more concerning the terrain of the trek. Usually, I'd not be too worry about that when i perform consider myself a period trekker. However, I am near 5 months pregnant must i make the trip. Despite the fact that I nevertheless do my hill stroll and jog, I'm a bit more issue of uneven surface area. It will be wonderful in the event that you could comment even more on the terrain – is there plenty of steep rocky areas, any river crossing?

Many thanks very much beforehand.

@Ivie: Although this trek had not been very difficult, it can have a substantial amount of uneven terrain and rocky areas. The trek undergoes quite remote areas, and therefore it would be challenging to get treatment if anything occurs. So, my suggestion is always to prevent this trek. But there could be other walks nearer by that might be fine and in addition quite interesting.

Thanks a lot a whole lot for the reply, Audrey. We've didn't book for just about any trek/outing and can decide when we achieve there. 🙂

@Ivie: That appears like an excellent plan. We booked 1 day before we had taken the trek, which means you should have no issue making plans as soon as you make it happen.

After reading through your post and due to the fact we wanted to execute a trek around Luang Prabang finished up choosing White colored Elephant for a 3 day time trek to the remote control hill tribes. All I could say is thanks a lot for the recommendation once we did wish to accomplish something different also it certain was! We cherished the trek, despite the fact that at times it had been tough. And nothing at all beats going for a “bath” at the communal tap while small children are usually laughing at your hairy upper body, whilst encircled by pigs, chickens and ducklings! 🙂

Thanks a lot for the suggestion! 🙂

@Tony: Therefore glad to listen to that you had an excellent experience with Light Elephant and our recommendation helped. Today I’m dreaming of a 3-time trek in Laos to hill tribes – will need to have been a great deal of enjoyable playing with the neighborhood children and getting them laugh at your own hair. Great remembrances!

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