Trabocchi restaurants across the Abruzzo Coastline, Italy. the Med, Italy


Back many years ago these were smartly build wood fishing installations dealing with the fierce ocean along the coastline of Abruzzo. Currently these trabocchi will be the most captivating seafood dining places in Italy. They appear just a little alien with the silhouette of a huge crab strolling on its slim, fragile stilts across the shores of the Adriatic coastline. Most vacationers in a rush will barely see them. Others vacation from far away merely to arrive and eat here. Inform any Italian that you intend to possess some frutti di mare on a trabocco, and you also are guaranteed to obtain many broad smiles. In the 17 th century these wood platforms were build rather than venturing out fishing with regular boats. The sea could be rough here why risk lifestyles? These extremely strong structures are create by simple strategies like making use of weights and rope connections.They're firmly anchored in the rocky seabed below the water surface. The Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio who was simply born along this coast, described the trabocchi because the huge spiders of the ocean. They're man-made bridges between property and water. Yet during the last years trabocchi weren't used any more and exchanged for bigger fishing boats for sale and commercial fishing. Before Abruzzo area found it was time and energy to honour the trabocchi and also have them restored, renovated and taken care of through special grants. Because of this initiative owners is now able to open up these magical constructions to the general public. Much less boring museums but simply because overly charming sea dining places where al fresco eating, pieds dans l’eau, will be taken to another degree.

Terra firma

We visited two of the very most well-known trabocchi / seafood dining places. Trabocco Punto Cavalluccio and Trabocco Pesce Palombo close to the village of Rocca San Giovanni. While Trabocco Punto Cavalluccio got the very best al fresco seating, Trabocco Pesce Palombo clearly sticks out for the stunning and tasty foods. Bruno, who owns Trabocco Pesce Palombo, and his loved ones owned various trabocchi for greater than a century. His spouse Giluiana is mainly found with various other bella donnas in your kitchen. Reservations are needed because full is complete. Almost all trabocco utilize a fixed menus where wine, drinking water and coffee are integrated. You pay out around 50 euros for an overdose of delicacies from the ocean with free-flow local wines. Initial a parade of anti pasti, calamari, grilled little fish and octopus. After that arrives the pasta with seafood or shellfish. As a primary you will end up served a wealthy seafood soup which has to be consumed with lots of loaf of bread. Consuming on a trabocchi is really a must-do for just about any seafood aficionado. After another bottle of delightful pecorino wines, you may start to feel a good bit philosophical. Trabocchi are usually extensions of the land in to the ocean. No unstable drinking water where you are feeling the waves, but terra firma, deeply linked to the ocean.

Fly to Pescara, a around 30 minutes travel from the Trabocchi coastline or fly to Rome, that is 2 hrs generating from the Adriatic Coastline of Abruzzo.
In collaboration with Slow Meals Abruzzo an annual occasion is organized to place the trabocchi in the spotlight. An excellent possibility to try local meals from Abruzzo like wines, cheeses, essential olive oil to everything from the ocean. You can find laboratorio del gusto, workshops, cultural appointments in the metropolitan areas, …

The trabocchi dining places are just open during the summertime, the initial restaurants open around past due May and stay open until round the finish of September.


Rifugiomare may be the best guesthouse on the stone’s throw from the trabocchi, inside San Rocco Giovanni – Abruzzo.
A dual room with excellent breakfast (require the classetouriste edition) from 90 euros per evening.


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