Walking Along Takoradi Shore In Ghana, Africa. Traveling Photography Blog page by Nisa Maier and Ulli Maier

Takoradi Seaside

Takoradi may be the capital of hawaii “Western Area” of Ghana. It really is Ghana’s 4th largest town and an commercial and commercial middle. Takoradi has a large amount of stunning beaches and it’s excellent to see the individuals there.

We'd a hotel right close to one of these great beaches. Mornings and past due afternoons were the proper time and energy to spot people on the way to work, college or house. The reason why I wanted to create photos of the men & ladies is easy: they carry all of the products an their mind! Balancing is crucial, muscles an advantage 😉

So listed below are several shots:

Rather than a handbag, African females carry their items on the heads.

Carrying goods back home.

Holding firewood back on Takoradi seaside.

Two men on their way home.

Two guys on the way home.

Heavy stuff this man has to carry.

Large stuff this man must carry…

Children also help out their families.

Children furthermore help you their families.

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