10 interesting facts about Seychelles

Seychelles – 10 interesting facts

Seychelles belongs to one of the most interesting and amazing places on Earth. Because of its remote geographical location, the islands have acquired a unique and distinctive look. The combination of tropical climate, exotic natural scenery and coral beaches has made the islands attractive to tourists from all over the world.

Seychelles is one of the best places for a beach holiday!

Climatic conditions

Seychelles is located in the tropics and the climate is warm and exposed to sea air masses. These areas do not experience drastic temperature changes due to the influence of the ocean. The temperature of the island of Mahe varies during the year from 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. July and August are the minimum temperatures, while December and April are the hottest months. May to November is the southeasterly trade winds season, the most pleasant time of the year.

The islands are not affected by typhoons

Seychelles is situated outside the cyclone belt and, as a rule, is largely untouched by typhoons. In the history of observation, t. ะต. in five hundred years, only one hurricane has been recorded in the territory of the Seychelles.

Unique Nature

The white terns of Seychelles

People of Seychelles

The country is inhabited by descendants of migrants who arrived by sea in numerous groups. Over the centuries, representatives of different peoples who have migrated to the islands, have formed a special nation – the Seychelles. Settlers have come from different parts of the world – India, China, Africa, the Arab East – creating a unique blend of cultures. The islands' inhabitants now speak French, English and Creole.

The population is not large

Seychelles can not boast a large population, its size does not exceed 100 thousand inhabitants. Russian cities like, for example, Arzamas or Novy Urengoy are much more crowded areas.

The annual carnival in Seychelles

Annual carnival in Seychelles

Sea fisheries

The Republic of Seychelles has over a million square kilometers of land and islands. kilometers of sea area. It is quite logical that the fishing industry is the leading branch of the economy of the country. Seychelles exports fresh and frozen fish, in addition to granting fishing rights to foreign vessels for a fee. Also, more than half of the population of the islands is employed in the tourist sector.

The Seychelles belongs to Africa

The territory of the country is part of Africa and includes 92 islands. They are of two varieties: coral and granite-based. Granite Islands, according to scientists are some of the oldest on the planet.

Most of the islands are uninhabited

Of all the islands are inhabited only 33, including the largest, composed of rocks. The rest are uninhabited and are small coral atolls 3-4 meters above the sea surface.

The bay with a beautiful beach on the island of La Digue

The bay with a beautiful beach on the island of La Digue

Seychelles palm

The symbol of the islands is the Seychelles palm or 'sea coconut' which is found only here. It is thought that it is one of the most ancient plants. The leaves of this palm tree reach up to 3 m in length, and the fruit is a nut weighing up to 20 kg, the largest on the planet. There are nature reserves where this amazing plant grows.

British Heritage

Seychelles are ideal not only for romantic, but also for family holidays

Seychelles is perfect not only for romantic holidays, but also for families

It is no coincidence that the Seychelles has earned the fame of one of the most unusual and amazing places on the planet. Beautiful nature and tropical exotics are combined here with a high level of tourist infrastructure. So the Seychelles can be called the ideal holiday destination.

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