What to see in the UAE attractions of the United Arab Emirates

What to see in the UAE

The best way to relax and take a break from the noisy city is to go to the desert. For example, in Rub al-Khali you can rent a sandboard and ride on sand dunes or organize a real safari. Those who like to go fast can ride an ATV or Jeep. These tours usually only last a day. In the evening a group of tourists are brought to the oasis for dinner and a dance performance.

The hot desert of Rub al-Khali in the UAE

It is known that in the UAE is quite hot climate. Help to cool down can be a ski resort, located right in the center of Ski Dubai.

If you want to get warm under the hot sun on the beach – no problem. There are a lot of them in the UAE, you still need to choose more appropriate. Nasimi Beach in Dubai is good for lovers of beach disco, and Kite Beach is good for those who prefer an active holiday and sports.

Beaches in Dubai. UAE

The beaches of the UAE are suitable for vacations with children, as well as for those who prefer active holidays

The Fujairah Emirate has a beautiful underwater world, so scuba diving and fishing enthusiasts should head here. In Fujairah you can also see the artificial reef with flooded cars, called the “graveyard of cars. On the Persian Gulf coast it is more peaceful. It is a place well suited for families with children.

Fujairah Emirate. UAE

Fujairah is the only emirate without access to the Persian Gulf

Lovers of mountains will also find a place to rest – the Hajar Mountains. Compared to the city, it has a much milder climate and fresher air. You can go for a walk along the clear lakes or take a drive on an off-road vehicle. 20 kilometers from the city of Hatta in Dubai you can find the lake Hatta Rock Pool, which is worth diving into from a rock and stand under a waterfall. They are located in Oman and those who want to go there have no problem. The main thing is to bring your passport.

The Hajar Mountains. Attractions in the UAE,

The Hajar Mountains extend 450 kilometers from the border of Oman with the UAE to the coast of the Indian Ocean

If you like art you can visit Alserkal Avenue, which is full of art galleries and studios.

National Arabic Cuisine

Staying in such a wonderful country you can take a gastronomic tour. Arabic food can be tasted everywhere these days. Take the same shawarma and kebab. In any cafĂ© or restaurant you can find something spicy and meaty. But the most important thing to try while you’re there is the unusual desserts and sweets. For example, camel’s milk ice cream, which stands out for its brackishness, or umm ali, a bread cream pudding with fruit and nuts.

Also in the UAE here you can find a wonderful rahat-lucum, dried fruits, which are sold in local markets. The Dubai Mall also has a huge sweet store with something for everyone to enjoy.

Arabic Cuisine

Nothing tastes better than Arabian sweets

The future has arrived

It’s hard to believe that 30 years ago Dubai was just a deserted city. It is now a thriving metropolis with many skyscrapers and the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower.

The new eco-city is being built 17 kilometers from Abu Dhabi; it is powered by solar and wind energy. It will only be possible to drive electric cars in the city. A wall will be built around the city and an openwork dome will be erected to protect it from the sun. You can see it now. You can get here by cab, but you have to leave your car outside the city.

The United Arab Emirates is a truly unique place to visit because of its diversity, everyone can find something for themselves.

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