Interesting excursions in Sochi prices, description

Interesting excursions in Sochi

Sochi is the main resort city of Russia. It became especially popular after the winter Olympics in 2014. As a resort, the city is attractive because it offers not only lovers of lounging on the warm beach of the Black Sea, but also connoisseurs of winter sports.
Of course, every curious tourist will want to know what, besides high mountains and clear sea, Sochi is remarkable for. Based on the choice of most tourists, we present you a list of the most interesting excursions in Sochi.

Tour "Red Glade".

– Akhshtyr Canyon;
– Akh-tsu Gorge;
– Rosa Khutor;
– Krasnaya Polyana;
– Gazprom;
– Medal Square;
– performance of singing fountains.

Olympic or Medal Square is one of the main venues of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and the 2018 FIFA Cup

The cost of this tour is approximately 1100-1300 rubles. It will be also possible to observe the magnificent panorama from the peak of the mountain range (Rosa peak), purchasing a ticket for an extra fee (about 1,600 rubles).
For gourmets will be an excellent opportunity to taste different kinds of honey, cheeses, wines and chacha. For an additional fee, you can buy lunch at one of the visited places.

Sightseeing tour of Sochi.

Journey is along the route:
– The railway station of the city;
– Riviera Park;
– Sochi Seaport;
– Winter Theatre;
– Kurortny Avenue (the longest street of the city);
– Agura Gorge;
– mountain Akhun.

The price of the tour does not exceed 1 thousand rubles on average. Optional extras include a visit to the tower on Mount Akhun (about 200 rubles) and a tour of Stalin's dacha (350 rubles).

Seaport Walk.

One of the most popular excursions in Sochi, with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views, breathe the unique scent of the Black Sea, and, with a lot of luck, meet water inhabitants.

Boat trip with great views

You will be able to watch the panorama of the objects of the Olympic Games, the spectacular views of the Caucasus Mountains, to meet dolphins, as well as swim in the open sea on the white-water boat.
The price of this trip is around 1300 rubles.

Jeeping along the Gegsky waterfall.

The Gegsky waterfall is about 70 meters high

Gegsky waterfall about 70 meters high

Jeep Route:
– Blue Lake in Gagra;
– Terskol Waterfall ("Men's Tears");
– "Maiden's tears" waterfall;
– Gorge "Stone Bag";
– Lake Ritsa;
– Gegsky Falls;
– Abyss "Farewell to Motherland".
The cost of travel for tourists will be around 2200 rubles.

The valley of the 33rd waterfalls.

One of the main attractions of Greater Sochi. The uniqueness of the valley is that getting on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, the river Dzhegosh forms a large number of waterfalls and rapids, which can not fail to impress.

The valley of 33 waterfalls - one of the most popular excursions in Sochi

The Valley of 33 Waterfalls – one of the most popular excursions in Sochi

– Tulip Tree;
– Shakhe river valley;
– Crossing the river on the Gaz-66;
– 33 waterfalls;
– Concert Caucasian dance Kazbek.
The average cost of the tour is 1200 rubles.

Gazprom peak.

aerial ropeway

Gazprom aerial tramway

– Public and cultural center "Galaxy";
– Green Planet Park;
– large exhibition of mining equipment;
– GAZPROM's GTS aerial tramway.
The price policy of the tour varies from 2400 to 2900 rubles. If you want to visit the Husky Center on the Red Glade or Deer Farm, you will need to pay extra 500 rubles for each of the excursions.

Closed Sochi.

Tour for lovers of all mysterious and enigmatic.

Excursion to the abandoned sanatorium S. Ordzhonikidze - a great option for lovers of interesting objects

Excursion to the abandoned sanatorium S. Ordzhonikidze – for lovers of unusual and interesting objects

– The abandoned sanatorium C. Ordzhonikidze;
– Akhun Mountain;
– Akhun abandoned restaurant;
– amusement park "Height 701";
– Kvitko Dacha.
The price of this trip is about 1 thousand rubles. For an additional fee you can visit the Ferris wheel, the observation tower and the museum of miniatures. The cost of each of them in the area of 200 rubles.

fishing in the open sea

Sea fishing in Sochi - a great option for real fishermen

Sea fishing in Sochi is a great option for real fishermen

Plan tour:
– Swimming in a boat to the place of fishing;
– getting gear;
– Swimming in the open sea;
– Return to the shore and cooking the catch.
The cost of the tour will be approximately 2 thousand rubles.

Trip on quad bikes.

Tour for fans of bright emotions and adrenaline.

Crossing the river Mzymta on quad bikes

Crossing the Mzymta river on quad bikes

What is included:
– The river Mzymta in Adler;
– Waterfall Gluboky Yar;
– Dry Canyon;
– Psakho Wet Canyon;
– Tiso – boxwood grove;
– White Rocks Canyon.
Equipment and instructions are included in the price of the tour. Cost depends on the level of the chosen excursion (the beginner, skilled and expert) and varies from 2,5 to 10 thousand roubles.

Individual tour.

Individual tour in Sochi will allow you to see what is interesting to you

Individual tour in Sochi will let you see exactly what is interesting to you

Means of transportation of your choice. It can be a standard bus, a bicycle rickshaw, or a business car.
Price policy tour in Sochi is fully dependent on the route and transport chosen.

Excursions in Sochi can be absolutely different, so choose the one that will be to your liking depending on the price policy, the objects of interest and the degree of activity on the route.

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