South Africa’s sights. What to see

South Africa’s main sights

The Republic of South Africa (South Africa) is one of the richest and most developed countries in Africa, with a mild climate that combines the modern world with the primitive. Tourists visit South Africa for a new experience. This country has nine provinces with their unique views, nature and attractions.

Tsitsikamma Marine National Park.

Picturesque views of Tsitsikamma Park

It is the first national park on the African continent. The site is a strip of coastline that stretches for 80 kilometers. Along the way, tourists will see a variety of spectacular scenery: rushing rivers, waterfalls, ravines, forests and animals that live in the reserve.
This national park is also a tourist destination, offering diving, river rafting, rock climbing, hiking tours and rappelling into gorges.

Dragon Mountains.

South Africa's main tourist attraction - the Dragon Mountains

Views of the Dragon Mountains truly mesmerize tourists

South Africa’s highest mountain range is popular with travelers. The views of this place are amazing and mesmerizing: a mountain range, covered with greenery, stretches for a thousand kilometers. The western and eastern slopes of the range are dominated by a contrasting climate. While the west side is very humid and receives a lot of rain, the east side will be dry.
Every year millions of tourists travel to the area with their equipment and tents or stay in nearby hotels to enjoy the scenery of the Dragon Mountains.

Cape of Good Hope.

Panoramic view of the Cape of Good Hope

The “fateful” Cape of Good Hope for many travelers

The southernmost point of the African continent, which has its own unique history. Beginning in the 9th century, sailors searched for shipping routes to India and were repeatedly wrecked at this promontory. Despite this, people didn’t give up hope and kept searching. And so the cape got its present name. Crashes were caused by the elements – the waters of the Indian and Atlantic oceans collide near this point, often forming violent storms.
In the Cape of Good Hope is almost never good weather, all the time blowing strong winds, but this stops a few. Travelers still come here to see the place.

Kalahari Desert.

The incredible colors of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa

The incredible colors of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa

In South Africa, even the hot desert is a sight to behold. The Kalahari is located in a basin of the same name, which covers an area of 600 square kilometers. km. This depression is so large that it encroaches on the territories of South Africa’s neighbors, Botswana and Namibia. This desert has a particularly arid climate, with temperatures reaching as high as +40 degrees. The sands in the Kalahari Desert contain iron oxides. Because of this, the sand dunes are colored in all shades of pink, brown, red, and orange.

Boulders Beach.

Fearless African penguins

Fearless African penguins

This beach is located within Table Mountain National Park. It has been home to many penguins for thirty years. The penguins are used to and not afraid of the tourists who come to this beach for the fascinating birds. Boulders is known not only for the penguins that inhabit it, but also for its beautiful scenery of the sea.

Penguin Beach Boulders

“Boulder’s Penguin Beach

Another interesting feature – the stone boulders, thanks to which the beach is protected from the high sea waves of strong winds. The beach is named after these boulders.

Garden Route (Garden Route).

The Gardens Road abounds with scenic views

The Gardens Road abounds with seascapes

Garden Ruth National Park is popular with tourists who come for the mesmerizing beauty of the wildlife. The Garden Route runs beside the picturesque South African coastline and stretches for 200 km. The beauty and variety of local scenery is astonishing: tourists have a view of mountain tops, beaches, bays, and dense forests.
In this national park there are many opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing, diving, and mountain climbing.

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