Sandy beaches in Turkey, vacation with children on the beaches of Turkey

Turkey's sandy beaches

Turkey, with its mild climate, unique attractions and tourist services is considered a mecca for vacationers. Concentrated on the shores of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea resorts of Turkey with sandy beaches are deservedly awarded the international award – the "Blue Flag" for compliance with world standards of purity, environmental friendliness and safety.

Turkey. Sandy beaches.

Sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Antalya – the center of the Turkish Riviera, which attracts most tourists. Sunbaths do not bypass anyone: if the hotel does not have its own beach, you can sunbathe on the city Konyalti – a mixture of fine pebbles in the civilized areas, replacing the sand in the wild part closer to the mountains. Infrastructure is well-developed: changing rooms, deck chairs, showers, toilets, access to wi-fi. The drawbacks include a steep descent to the water, a small number of bars along the coastline, and crowds of tourists.

The best beach in Antalya. Soft sand, shallow entrance to the water and a park area with places for picnics make this part of the beach ideal for recreation with children.

Turkey. Lara Antalya sandy beach

Turkey. A sandy beach Lara Antalya.

Turkey. Secluded sandy beach Mermerli

Its neighbor is Kundu – Parents complain less because of the coastal rocks, the differences in depths and strong currents. But this beach is fancied by divers and surfers – the high waves, constant wind and clear sea are suitable for these sports. Those wishing to sunbathe in silence can go to Secluded Mermerli.

Turkey. Mermerli's secluded sandy beach.

Belek Choose tourists who are ready to splurge on their vacation. The coastal strip is divided between the luxury hotels – because of the high competition, each owner carefully monitors the cleanliness and order on its territory, providing guests with maximum comfort and safety. The presence of changing rooms, sun loungers, bars is not even stipulated – in addition to this tourists are trying to attract water entertainment, interesting activities, parties and animation. All inclusive hotel guests can use it all for free – but there are two excellent public beaches. Kadriye Located between two expensive hotels, so it has a proper environment – the softest sand and a gentle entrance to the sea. You can rent a deck chair, play volleyball, for a fee offer a lot of entertainment.

Turkey. Belek. A sandy beach of the hotel

Turkey. Belek. Hotel sandy beach.

At Central beach come to relax in the sun, frolic in the water and meet the natives – the rarest Loggerhead turtles.

Turkey. Belek. A sandy beach

Turkey. Belek. A sandy beach.

Side attracts not only the ancient heritage – there are beaches for every taste! The more secluded Bounty-style sandy shores are on the eastern side of the resort – and their western neighbors enjoy an abundance of stores and cafes.

Introverts are advised to pay attention to Pataru. This cozy town is not yet enamored of tourists, so that the sandy beaches with white sand is not crowded and quiet. The advantages of the note low prices, and the drawback is poor infrastructure and problems with transport.

Turkey. Patara. A sandy beach

Turkey. Patara. Sandy Beach.

Where else are the sandy beaches in Turkey?? Of course, Alanya! There are lots of discos, bars and clubs, stores with Turkish souvenirs and so on. Everyone has something to enjoy – you can explore the sea, conquer the sea cliffs or just concentrate on getting a perfect tan. One of the best sandy beaches in Turkey is considered a gift of the land Cleopatra herself. Picturesque landscapes and blue waves conquered the heart of the ancient queen, while today's tourists in addition offer full compliance with international standards, confirmed by the "Blue Flag" beach.

Turkey. Alanya. A sandy beach

Turkey. Alanya. Sandy Beach.

The Sandy Beaches of the Aegean.

The Aegean Sea area is much cooler, so those who do not like the heat will be comfortable. You can hide from the winds Marmaris Bay, White sand and paradise nature can boast Oludeniz Blue Lagoon. Bodrum chosen by businessmen and Hollywood stars – the prices correspond to the level of service. В Iztuzu Hikers first watch the giant turtles, and then go to the sandy spit: it divides the sea and the river Dalyan, and after the warm waves there is an opportunity to flounder in the cool fresh water.

Turkey. Bodrum. Beach

Turkey. Bodrum. The Beach.

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