Hiking advantages and the best trails

Hiking: benefits and best trails

Hiking is one of the most interesting and informative types of sports tourism. Its goal is to traverse the route alone or as a group through terrain of varying difficulty levels: forests, mountains, fields.

Hiking gives you freedom!

The advantages of hiking

– Freedom of choice – you are not tied to the schedule of buses, trains and planes, you can change the route and stop in the places you like;
– low cost – when hiking you can save money on lodging, food and travel – a unique opportunity to see the world for “pennies;
– new acquaintances – usually in a campaign person feels more free, he is open to communication and ready to get acquainted with new people;
– Acquisition of new skills – hiking tours contribute to the development of willpower, endurance, and stress-resistance;
– Having fun with your soul is the main reason to go to the nature, because you will never forget the emotions of spending the night in the tent, campfire and songs with the guitar.

Hiking: Features of the organization

Designing a route is an important part of hiking

You can make the route of the hike yourself or book a place in the tour. It is important to assess your physical condition. Equipment depends on the time of year, terrain and the duration of the route chosen. We recommend that you include the following essentials: food and water, compass, sunscreen, flashlight, matches, knife, first-aid kit, insect repellent, dishes, warm clothes and comfortable shoes. Always have a map at hand with the route, follow the signs on the trail, and don’t forget to check the weather forecast.
Next we will tell you about the top hiking trails in the world.

Lycian Trail, Turkey

Beautiful views of the Lycian Trail

Beautiful views of the Lycian Trail

Turkey is not only an all-inclusive vacation, but also the opportunity to travel on the most beautiful routes in the world. The most famous hiking route here is considered the Lycian Trail, which runs through the territory of ancient Lycia – along the Mediterranean coast, along the back of the Tekke Peninsula and at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. The route connects two points on the map, Fethiye and Geikbairi (near Antalya). The total length of the route – 540 kilometers. The hiking trail is divided into three parts:
1. The western part of the trail starts in Owadzik and runs along the road to Babadag, from where hikers follow the mountain trail to the Valley of Butterflies, Polis Lethoon and Xanf.
2. The central part is between Kas and Finike, through the Demre Valley, the remnants of ancient Myra, the ruins of Simena, the mountain plateau of Karlioz Tepe. It is marked on the map as a route of medium severity for tourists.
3. The eastern part starts in Antalya (Goynük) and leads through the canyon of Karmonia, the Tahtalıdag mountain and the beaches of Cirali to Gedelme. On the way you can see many picturesque caves and ruins of fortresses.
The best time for the route is spring or autumn. The trail is marked in white and red, according to Grande Randonnee world standards.

Great Baikal Trail, Russia

A hiker conquers the Great Baikal Trail

a hiker conquers the Big Baikal Trail

Russia is a country that was created for hiking. You should pay special attention to the Great Baikal Trail. It is represented by a system of hiking trails for tourists.
The idea for the trail originated in 1970, but it has not yet been fully completed. Originally it was a volunteer project to develop tourism and create ecological trails. Now there are several routes on the Baikal Trail. One can visit three nature reserves and national parks, the Khamar-Daban mountain range, the Svyatoy Nos peninsula, Peschanaya Bay, the village of Bolshiye Koty, Cape Bolshoy Kadilny, and other sights. The most famous route starts in Listvyanka and ends in Buguldeika.
The best time to hike the Baikal Trail is from May to September. Its total length is 200 kilometers. Before setting out on the hike you must register with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and get a permit for the trail.

Kungsleden, Sweden

Sweden, Kungsleden Trail

Sweden, Kungsleden Trail

Hiking in Europe: The perfect substitute for a beach holiday. The Kungsleden Trail, located in Sweden, has been rightfully called the “King’s Trail” here.
A 434.5 kilometers long hiking trail (from Abisku Estra to the resort of Hemawan). It is divided into four sections:
1. Abisku – Singi, through the village Nikkaluokta.
2. Singi – Kvikkjokk, via Saltoluokta.
3. Kvikkjokk – Ammarnes (south of populated areas).
4. Ammarnes – Hemawan.
The decision to build a trail that would run from the north to the south was made in the late 20th century. The route now passes through some of the most beautiful places in the country: along the Swedish-Norwegian border, crossing national parks such as Abisku, Stura-Shoefallet, Pielekaise and Sarek. Here you can see steep mountainsides, glaciers, plateaus, lakes, rivers, and meadows. In winter this place turns into a great skiing slope. The Kungsleden Trail and its surroundings have been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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