Attractions worth visiting in Abkhazia

Sightseeing in Abkhazia, which is worth visiting.

The embankment is named after the ancient Greek colony Dioscurias, which was located in the 6th century BC on the territory of modern Sukhumi. In our time, the remains of an ancient settlement buried under the bottom of the Sukhumi bay. The length of the embankment is 1 kilometer, and it imperceptibly passes into the Makhadzhirov embankment. There are no special differences between them. Next to them there is a pebble beach. It has a beautiful view of the sea. On the other side there is a park area, where among the trees there are ancient houses. The embankments are paved with stone.

Water park in Gagra

The only water complex on the territory of Abkhazia, located in the center of New Gagra near the Black Sea.

Gagra Water Park is a great place for family vacations, as it has fun for kids and high slopes for adult visitors. Ultramodern complex was built taking into account all safety standards and regulations

In the complex there are 9 slides, 7 pools, including wave pools, children's play aqua-zone. The food court is represented by café-bars and restaurants. Aquakomplex Gagra is located in the open air, and therefore it receives guests only in warm weather, starting from June 1.

Monkey nursery of Sukhumi

Nursery is one of the oldest attractions of Abkhazia. It opened in 1927 as a scientific center for research on human diseases and their treatment through experiments on monkeys. During the Georgian-Abkhazian war the nursery lost a lot of its inhabitants. However, now it is almost restored. The visitor leaves different impressions. On the one hand, it is a kind of contact zoo, where there are over three hundred primates, which have found a shelter in a beautiful mountain gorge. On the other side is an active laboratory, where experiments on animals are conducted to this day.

Yupshar Canyon

The natural monument of Abkhazia was formed in a gigantic rock during an earthquake centuries ago. Through the canyon flows the river Yupshara, which has its source in Lake Ritsa and flows into the Gega River. The canyon is also called "Rocky Bag", because inside it looks like you're in a huge stone vault.

River Yupshara, Abkhazia Canyon

Yupshara river in a canyon in Abkhazia

Almost 400 m high and 8 km long canyon. It is always half-dark and cool inside. The canyon is one of the most picturesque and unusual attractions of Abkhazia and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Central beach in Pitsunda

This is one of the main vacation spots for tourists who come to bask in the sun. The beach is located in the Pitsundsky Bay which protects it from the wind. Therefore, there are no huge waves here. On the contrary, the sea is quiet, transparent, with azure hues.

Attractions of Abkhazia - Pitsunda

Panoramic view of Pitsunda beach

The beach is ideal for a holiday with children – the entrance is gentle and fine pebble. There is everything for a comfortable rest: cabins for changing clothes, showers, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas. Sports and beach equipment, boats, catamarans and other water recreational services are available for rent. On the coast there are various gastronomic establishments and souvenir shops. The embankment is protected by a pine grove with relict trees.

Central market in Sukhumi

Sukhumi market is the largest market of Abkhazia. People from all over the republic come here. Although, relatively recently (in the Soviet years) it was a small pavilion with agricultural products. Now the market abounds with goods. There is a lot to see here: local herbal teas, a variety of cheeses, fruits and vegetables, honey, spices, smoked meats, sweets, alcohol, textiles, toys, souvenirs and other products. There are coffee houses and snack bars in the market. This is an interesting place, where you can feel the flavor of local life, feel the culture of Abkhazia, and buy fresh quality products and goods at relatively low prices.

Honey Yard in Gagra

Honey production is a widespread and profitable business in Abkhazia. At the apiary "Medovy Dvor" one can find an incredible amount of honey products, ranging from flower pollen to the most diverse varieties of Abkhazian mountain honey.

Honey Yard in Gagra

Everyone can taste pancakes with honey in the apiary of Gagra

Tours around the apiary are conducted at the highest level: beehives are shown, a demonstration of interesting information about beekeeping, and honey products are tasted, accompanied by instructive stories about honey and its beneficial properties. The prices in the apiary are not democratic, but all products are natural, without any additional processing. And the apiary itself is located in a very picturesque place.

Othar Dolmen

The dolmen complex Otkhara is located on a cliff 600 meters above the sea level and about ten kilometers. The ancient megalithic structure dates from the II-III centuries. up to n.э.

One of the sights of Abkhazia - Otkhara Dolmen

The Oldest Dolmen in Abkhazia

Dolmens, located on the glade, are oriented clearly to the sides of the world in the cromlech. Some of them are very well preserved, while others have almost disappeared. In total, there are 8 dolmens. For what served dolmens is not known, but it is assumed that they are the funeral or religious structures.

Kındığ Hot Springs

This is the most popular medical spring in Abkhazia.

Kındığ, the local healing springs

The water of the springs has a temperature of about 100 degrees

The springs contain chloride and calcium-sodium waters with a pungent smell of rotten eggs. Mineral streams are poured through gutters into specially equipped pools, cooling to a suitable temperature. Troughs are located at a height of about 10 meters, so the falling water column is an excellent whirlpool. Here you can also take a mud bath. The springs help in treating musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal system, skin diseases, cardiovascular system and other diseases. You can get the maximum effect in just 10 sessions. However, thermal springs have a number of contraindications, so you should visit them only after the recommendations of a specialist.

Sightseeings of Abkhazia worth visiting. Part 1

The Abkhaz land is rich with wonderful and picturesque nature, and is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Caucasus. Many ancient monasteries, churches, temples with centuries of history, there are ancient forts that remember the invasions of the Ottoman Turks. Despite the small territory, in Abkhazia you can see many historical sights. But most importantly, there is an amazing climate and clean air. After all, it is no accident that Abkhazia began to rapidly develop as a resort at the beginning of the last century, and it was called the "Russian Monaco.

Quay of Pitsunda

Its length is 5 kilometers. There are benches for relaxing in the shade of palms and secluded pavilions. The air here is very clear and full of scents of pine trees and the sea, and the beach itself is pebbly.
This place is also popular with its resorts. In the middle of the last century seven rest houses were built there. Now the buildings are a bit dilapidated, but they are still popular.

A view of the shingle beach on the quay in Pitsunda

There is no boredom here. In the evening, everyone gathers to listen to the concerts of local and visiting artists, watch a movie or just stroll along the waterfront and admire the rays of the setting sun.

The seaside park in New Athos

The monks started to create the park in 1880. They dug out seven ponds, tiled the bottoms and started to breed fish in them. The park was officially opened in 1910 for the arrival of the royal family. But during the Soviet regime, the park has also remained popular. Nowadays it is considered one of the best parks in the city for walks and rest. The main attraction of the park is a flowerbed in the form of a calendar.

A park in New Athos. Sightseeing in Abkhazia

Panoramic view of the park in New Athos

The park is also popular because next to it is situated the mountain with the New Athos Monastery, which was visited by Russian Emperor Alexander III. The path along which he and his wife used to walk has also been preserved. It is also called the royal path.

Makhajirs embankment

The embankment is named after the Muslims, who were forced to move to the Ottoman Empire after the end of the Caucasian War, by order of the emperor. The embankment began to be built at the beginning of the last century. Some buildings have survived to this day. One of the merchants' houses houses a hotel with a restaurant. The waterfront is considered a popular place for walks in Sukhumi. It is almost buried in green tropical trees and plants. Here you can find free beaches, cafes or restaurants, try national or European cuisine.

Lake Ritsa

One of the most famous attractions of Abkhazia. The lake is very clear, beautiful and magical. Its length is almost 2 km, and depth is 150 meters. The lake is located on the north-west of Abkhazia.

Lake Ritsa is perhaps the main attraction of Abkhazia

The water is so clear that you can see up to 10 meters into the lake

The lake is part of the reserve, which covers an area of 40 hectares. The reserve itself is diverse, since one part of it is at sea level, while other parts rise to a height of 3 kilometers from sea level.
The lake used to be on the list of must-see places for anyone who came to Abkhazia. Brezhnev's and Stalin's dachas stood on its banks, where tours were held. After times have changed drastically and there is no time to receive guests. But tourists still come to admire the unearthly spectacle.

The castle of Prince of Oldenburg

The building was built in 1902 in the Art Nouveau style, under the direction of I. Rakhmanov.К. Lutseransky, on a hillside. The castle is an exceptional structure with balconies decorated with ornate railings, a red tile roof, a falconer's dwelling, towers and chimneys. Next to the castle there is an excellent Seaside Park, filled with greenery brought from all over the world.

Abkhazia, the Caucasus Mountains

The old castle in the Caucasus mountains

Once the castle was occupied by the sanatorium "Chaika" for high-ranking Soviet officials. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was abandoned. And during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict it was significantly damaged and looted. Despite the fact that the castle is of historical value to Abkhazia, it has not been reconstructed to this day.

The Botanical Garden of Sukhumi

This is a place which must be visited when visiting Sukhumi, especially for those who are fascinated by the world of plants. The botanical garden of Sukhumi is one of the oldest gardens of the Caucasus, founded in 1838. In the XIX century, it was almost razed to the ground twice during the Russian-Turkish conflicts. During the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict in the 90s, the lion's share of rare plants. But as soon as the opportunity arose, the garden staff immediately began to restore it. Today the garden counts more than 5000 specimens of flora brought from all continents of our planet.

The botanical garden of Sukhum

White water lily in the botanic garden of Sukhum

In the warm season the garden is flooded with flowers and pours the incredible fragrance. In cold weather the garden is no less beautiful. The interesting thing is that there are plants which can bloom even in winter. Making a walk along the shady alleys, one can see laurel trees, magnolias, sequoias, olive trees and other greenery.


The inhabitants of Abkhazia call the place nothing else but Tkuarchal. In Soviet times it was one of the most important cities in the region, but now it is considered to be a "dead" city. Its population has fallen by a factor of four since the days of the Soviet Union. The mining town was abandoned in the 1990s during the war for the independence of Abkhazia. Now it has a population of about 5000 people and almost always reigns eerie silence.

Tkvarcheli, Abkhazia

The gloomy ruins of Tkvarcheli

If you want to find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, you must visit abandoned mines, empty schools and abandoned houses. In the town you can see a well-preserved substation, restaurant, department store, clothing factory, fire station and even a market.

Chernorechenskaya trout farm in Gudauta

Trout farm can be found on the river Mchishta. It began its work in 1934 at the suggestion of I. Abkhaziani.В. Stalin. At that time, a fish farm supplied trout to most of the southern region and all the sanatoriums of Abkhazia. Modern trout farm has about 15 ponds with two thousand fish. Visitors can not only see how the fish are raised, but also take part in feeding the trout and salmon. Here you can fish, and then try it baked with vegetables, while enjoying the real delicious Abkhazian wine. Not far from the fish farm there is another attraction of Abkhazia – Mchishta cave complex.

Gudauta Winery

The winery was built in 1953. At the same time there was a functioning tasting room, where everyone could try the noble beverage and, if they liked it, buy it. Gudauta winery since its foundation is one of the leading companies supplying residents of Abkhazia and its guests with quality alcoholic beverages. You can visit the winery with a tour and learn curious facts about the production of wine, its storage and consumption. Worth noting is the wide range of drinks: liquors, cognacs, vodka, chacha and of course traditional wine drinks. It also has its own vineyards.

The Abkhazian State Theatre named after Abkhazian khan Abkhazia, which is situated in the territory of Abkhazia. С. Chanba in Sukhumi

The Drama Theater of Abkhazia is named after the founder of Abkhazian drama Samson Chanba. The first productions were staged at the Grand Hotel, an elite hotel, in 1912. At that time it was owned by Joachim Aloisi, a first guild merchant. In post-revolutionary times, the hotel was renamed Bzyb. In the 30s of the last century, the Aloisi theater was awarded the title of State Theater of Abkhazia. And by the end of the sixties it got its present name.

Drama Theater of Abkhazia

Fountains of the State Drama Theatre of Abkhazia

The theater building was completely destroyed during the war with Nazi Germany. The Temple of Melpomene was rebuilt in the early 1950s. Now it can accommodate about 700 visitors. And has equipment for translating performances into Russian. The theater's repertoire is vast and includes both classical and modern productions.

Lovers' Falls in Gagra

Waterfall can be found on the Gega River, just below the Gega waterfall, no less interesting natural attraction of Abkhazia. It is very convenient in that the observation deck for it is right off the road. For the fans of extreme entertainment, there is a bungee cord spanning the falls, where you can fly directly over the water column.

Gagra, a waterfall of lovers. Sights of Abkhazia

The waterfall is believed to have medicinal properties, as its waters are saturated with minerals. And so many travelers try to cool off under its icy streams

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