The sights of Veliky Ustyug. What is worth seeing.

Veliky Ustyug is one of the most picturesque places of the Russian North. You can see architectural masterpieces and meet a real Ded Moroz – this is just a small part of what you should do there during your visit.

As you arrive you are taken away by the unbelievable beauty of the city’s calling card embankment with a picturesque chain of churches, elegant candle bells and a scattering of patriarchal houses along the banks of the Sukhona. This is where you should start exploring Ustyug, stopping at one of the small but cozy city hotels close to the center.

The Great Ustyug by wind!

В historic part Dozens of outstanding architectural monuments of the century before last and 28 churches of the XVII-XVIII centuries await the visitor. The main pearl of the church architecture is, undoubtedly, the famous Ural cathedral in Rostov Assumption Cathedral, Located on the left bank of the Sukhona River, on the oldest square of the city You can visit the Soborny Dvorishte, The largest church ensemble, which occupies an entire city block! The Cathedral is not only externally beautiful, but its splendid interiors are stunning: a remarkable baroque iconostasis, decorated with extraordinary carvings, harmoniously blended with exquisite moldings, sculpture and unique 17th century paintings by artists of the Moscow Armory Chamber. In order not to miss anything, the acquaintance with the city is best continued on the embankment: Leontiev Church, Ilyinskaya, unusual Buldakov Manor, it The Sobornoye Court, Museum of History and Culture at Usov Palace, most interesting Museum of Ethnography at St. Nicholas Church – Everything here is worth paying close attention to.

Night view of Veliky Ustyug

The historic part of the city at night is very beautiful

The true fairy tale begins in the homestead of Santa Claus, located not far from Veliky Ustyug, where it’s better to go with children for the whole day.

Here, in the depths of a dense pine forest, built a full recreation center with developed infrastructure and inexpressible holiday atmosphere, where adventures are waiting for guests of all ages.

It’s reasonable to start with a tour around the center of the estate, the impressive Father Frost’s tower, and walk along the Path of Fairy Tales. You will see not only the traditional Baba Yaga, but also brothers-months, mushroom-giants, and other characters of Russian folk tales.

The Terem of Santa Claus - one of the main attractions of Veliky Ustyug

The Terem of Santa Claus – one of the main attractions of Veliky Ustyug

Then you will get acquainted with the unusual zoo, where animals are gathered according to the geographical principle of where they live, and instead of bars and cages there are only wooden railings. Then you can visit “Gornitsa” Folklore Center, where you can get acquainted with true national traditions, learn how to weave from birch bark and flax, buy unique souvenirs, go for a ride in a sleigh or even in a stove and find out how tasty the traditional northern pies with cranberry are. Here you can visit a blacksmith shop and an apiary, where they will tell you all about crafts, go fishing, ride a snowmobile, see a winter garden with exotic plants, an ice rink and an 800-meter slide. All this will not leave indifferent young lovers of active joys, and for their parents there are more adult pleasures – sauna, billiard and tennis halls and a couple of excellent cafes.

Sovetsky Prospect in Veliky Ustyug at night

Picturesque Soviet Prospekt in Veliky Ustyug

Before you leave, it makes sense to try dishes of Russian cuisine in local restaurants. And then continue exploring the city from the embankment Soviet avenue: here are The Mironositskaya и Sretensko-Mironositskaya Church And the most ancient temple of the town – Church of the Ascension on the Torg. Its deliberately asymmetrical construction in the style of the legendary Russian ornamentation always evokes a sense of festive elation in all visitors to the town, and the cathedral’s Museum of Old Russian Art The richness of the collection is astounding. The museum exhibition includes grandiose iconostases of the XVII century, exceptional examples of wooden sculpture, here you can really feel a partaking in the secrets of Russian icons in the interactive master class “In the icon painting studio. Further on Sovetsky Prospect Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior, Kuznetsov’s house, Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel.

Church in Veliky Ustyug

Veliky Ustyug is not only the residence of Santa Claus.

There are still many wonders ahead, but the intersection of the prospectus with Krasnoarmeyskaya Street is worth lingering over. In the corner mansion The city residence of Santa Claus, And in the wooden terem is his personal post office. Here children take pictures in the throne room, create souvenirs with their hands and leave an entry in the “The Book of Good Deeds“.

Sight - the city estate of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug

The Municipal Residence of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug is no less interesting sight

It’s worth reading the confessions made in children’s handwriting, it reminds you that there is a lot of good and light in the world.

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