Varadero Cuba – Features of vacations

Varadero Cuba – Features of the holiday

Warm ocean, bright sun, sandy beaches, salsa music, and an atmosphere of a perpetual vacation – this is what Varadero is all about. Cuba in this city has concentrated all the tourist amenities – from comfortable hotels to entertainment for all tastes!

Cuba. Varadero's beautiful beaches

Varadero in Cuba is a constant summer. Guests are always welcome on Liberty Island, but the most comfortable time to stay is mid-autumn through early winter. The rains are rare in this season, the flow of tourists and prices are also reduced, but the temperature of the air and water steadily keeps high.

Varadero's beautiful scenery

Varadero's beautiful scenery

The only way to get from Russia to Cuba is by air. A long flight is compensated by visa-free regime, colorful exotics and relaxing vacation in the future. Keep in mind that the Internet in Varadero is as weak and expensive as in the rest of Cuba – it is possible that during the vacation you will have to reduce activity in social networks. All the more so, it's much more interesting all around than the feed of subscriptions!

Retro cars in Cuba are not a luxury but a means of transportation

Retro cars in Cuba – not a luxury but a means of transportation

Varadero is somewhat different from the rest of Cuba. In fact, it is one big beach that never leaves the rankings of the best coasts in the world. Here is the purest selected sand, gentle entrance to the calm ocean and amazing beauty around: palm trees, mounds, caves, coral reefs. In addition, the beaches are free and safe, with well-developed infrastructure. Darken the idyll of jellyfish – their stings are very painful, so pay attention to the red flags, watch out for children on the beach, and look under your own feet.

Varadero is basically one big beach

Varadero is basically one big beach

You can stay in a big all-inclusive hotel, a budget hotel or a romantic bungalow. In the old part of Varadero you will find a lot of hotels in the old buildings, which are picturesque but leave a lot to be desired. In the new Varadero predominantly modern hotels and villas. An unusual option is to rent a room in a private house from Cubans. Residents of the island live poorly, but for tourists are trying to provide all the comforts – air conditioning, showers, refrigerators, and hospitable hostesses can cook something delicious.

Varadero has many options for accommodations for all tastes

Varadero has plenty of lodging options for all tastes

In addition to the obligatory sunbathing and blissful idleness, there are plenty of interesting things to do at the resort. Hosone Park has a golf course, lake, swimming pool, and a pleasant shade under the canopy of exotic trees. Children will love the dolphinarium and the ecological reserve with caves. For the adults, a Rum House with a tasting is the place to go. For the curious, the Villa Dupont and Museum of Regional Studies are worth a visit. And how about some beach activities – yachting, horseback riding, paragliding, parachuting and diving?! The most unusual diving excursion awaits in a shipwreck park – dive to old submarines and patrol boats will be remembered for the rest of your life. And do not forget that Varadero is Cuba, so feel free to catch the salsa rhythms and dance in the discos!

Varadero Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium in Varadero

The resort has many restaurants and cafes with traditional cuisine. The main menu features chicken, fish and seafood. Rice, beans and corn are available as side dishes. Tourists usually eat lobsters, taste the never-before-seen yams and plantains, enjoy mangoes, pineapples, guavas and papayas. Drinks – fresh juices, rum and famous Cuban cocktails.

Grilled Cuban lobsters

Grilled Cuban lobsters

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