Where to celebrate the New Year in Russia

Where to celebrate the New Year in Russia? Top 5 options for every taste.

The best gift for your near and dear is a fascinating journey with bright memories to be remembered for a long time. You don’t have to go abroad to enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery, dog sledding or to relax in the pool with hot water from geothermal springs. Remember: On the New Year, the real miracles happen, transport yourself at least for a few days in a good Russian fairy tale.

Krasnaya Polyana and Sochi.

The Pearl of the Black Sea is an ideal place for celebrations. The city sparkles with colorful lights, the streets are full of holidaymakers. The weather is warm: temperatures rise to +9 – 10°C during the day.

Meeting the New Year in Russia under the palm trees – and this is possible!

After a long walk around the cozy town, go to the Amusement Park or the Ice Palace. We also recommend to visit the Arboretum, the entrance on January 1 is free for everyone. A beautiful park is like an exotic green oasis spread over 50 hectares. Many species have been introduced from Africa, Asia, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

From Sochi you can go on excursions to Abkhazia Pitsunda, Gagra, on a picturesque lake Ritsa.

Not far from the southern capital of Russia high in the Caucasus Mountains is a popular resort Krasnaya Polyana. Complex “Rosa Khutor” after the Olympic Games 2014 became its visiting card, but it’s not the only base of the region.

A New Year's winter fairy tale in Krasnaya Polyana

Winter Tale in Krasnaya Polyana

What to do in Krasnaya Polyana:

  • Go skiing;
  • Try the amazing mountain honey and fragrant herbal tea;
  • Look at the cultural and ethnographic center “My Russia”;
  • To feel the hidden power of ancient dolmens;
  • Walk one of the pedestrian routes.

Swimming in the outdoor pool with hot water is an incomparable pleasure, many hotels have them.


It is a good idea to celebrate New Year in a cozy cottage in the middle of a dense forest. More and more often people from noisy cities and towns come to Karelia to relax in the silence and admire the winter panoramas of mountains and valleys. The magical land sleeps under a blanket of snow, and it seems that this is where all dreams come true.

Meeting the New Year in Russia in Karelia in cozy cottages in unity with nature

Karelia – silence, comfort and unity with nature

What to visit:

  • Sled dog kennel in Petrozavodsk;
  • The Three Bears Animal Camp on the shore of the magnificent Lake Syamozero;
  • The residence of the local Santa Claus, who is called here Talvi Ukko;
  • The preserve “Kivach” and the largest waterfall in Karelia with the height of 10,7 m.;
  • Mountain park Ruskeala with the Marble Canyon, equipped with lighting;
  • Marcial Waters – the first Russian resort, founded by Peter the Great.

If you want to have a ride in the wind, you can rent a snowmobile. Fans of winter fishing should visit Lake Ladoga. If you are lucky, you can catch a pike or burbot.

St. Petersburg.

The best time to visit museums – from December 28 to 30, when everyone is busy choosing gifts, even from the beginning of the year you’ll have to stand in long lines at the box office. If you missed it, do not worry, all sorts of shows and concerts are held right in the streets, so you will not be bored. Complement the unforgettable atmosphere of lush fireworks, spectacularly reflected in the dark surface of the river. New Year’s Eve St. Petersburg is like a different reality which takes your breath away. You’ll find majestic palaces shining with their bright lights, parks decorated with snow-white lace, the Neva embankment – immerse yourself in the charming world of the northern capital.

New Year in St. Petersburg

The charm of New Year in St. Petersburg

The top 5 most interesting locations of St. Petersburg:

  • Nevsky Prospect and its sights: the Kazan Cathedral, Palace Square, the Hermitage;
  • Peter and Paul Fortress is a unique fort of the early 18th century;
  • The memorial Cathedral of the Resurrection on Spilled Blood, built on the place where Tsar Alexander II was killed (opened in 1907).);
  • Peterhof museum-reserve – the country residence of Peter the Great;
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral (second half of the 19th century).) – the largest orthodox temple of the city.

Take a walk on Peter’s rooftops and see the sights

For those who get bored on traditional landmark tours, the guides offer something special, such as a walk on the rooftops.


The main attraction of “Siberian Switzerland” – its wildlife. Fans of both relaxing and active rest won’t be disappointed in their choice.This picturesque region is full of mysteries which you will definitely want to guess. This land of brooding snowy peaks, ice-covered rivers, endless steppe expanses, mystical caves and frozen waterfalls attracts with its pristine landscapes. During the New Year holidays there is not a big influx of visitors, so you can stay at the tourist hostel or in an eco-hotel without overpaying.

Altai - "Siberian Switzerland". Camping on the backdrop of mountains

Altai – “Siberian Switzerland”

What to do in Altai:

  • Go snowmobiling, skiing and tubing;
  • Have a cup of tea with mountain honey;
  • Visit the Verkhny Uymon village to learn more about the traditions of Old Believers;
  • You can also take one of the many hiking trails. In the list of the most popular is climbing Mount Beacon. Add bright selfies to your collection of photos against the background of the fantastic views of the Uymonskaya Valley, which is considered to be “the place of power;
  • Make a wish on the suspension bridge over the Katun River and visit the Church of St. John the Theologian on the Isle of God. Patmos.

New Year holidays in Altai are always cheerful and soulful, especially if you celebrate them in the circle of your dearest.


The legendary lake is called a sea by the locals, and this is quite justified: the length of the reservoir is more than 600 km., and the greatest depth reaches 1642 m. In winter it turns into an unearthly realm of ice, sparkling in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. The magnificence of Lake Baikal makes you forget your troubles and plunge into the pleasant festive activities, organizing unforgettable leisure.

The splendor of northern lights over Baikal

Magnificence of the northern lights over Baikal

In the list of attractions available to tourists:

  • skating, skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding;
  • trips on quad bikes and snowmobiles;
  • underwater diving;
  • ice fishing.

Interesting places of interest in the vicinity of Lake Baikal:

  • Olkhon Island and mysterious Burkhan Cape, one of Asia’s nine holy places;
  • The Circum-Baikal railroad, which goes over 248 bridges. The length of the tourist route – 89 km.;
  • the most beautiful caves (the Dream, Malocheremshanskaya, etc.); and.);
  • Buryat ethno-village (cape Khuzhir);
  • Wooden Architecture Museum.

Rest in Baikal will surpass all expectations, you can come here with the whole family, and one to distract from the eternal bustle of the big city.

A family with a child on a New Year trip

The main thing in a New Year’s journey is the atmosphere of a real holiday..

Each of these directions has its own advantages. Wherever you want to go on New Year’s Eve, the main thing is to plan everything in advance and take a good mood with you!

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